40x60cm large platen double heat press machine pneumatic for tshirt heat transfer 16×24

B2-3 (1)

This is a EasyTrans Advanced Level heat press featured with air cylinder, that can generate over 460kg down force and accept Max. 4.5cm thick object. This heat press is a good choice for any professional use for bulk production like T-shirt or shopping bag printing process.


Upgraded Model with pneumatic type pressure setting and Manual/Auto working mode switch function, the size of 40x60cm Pneumatic Double Station Heat Press (SKU#B2-3) offers a modern LCD controller, simplified display screen, makes it easier for customer to operate and read-out, besides, advanced & sturdy base seat and pressure structure extend the lifetime of machine, with the enlarged format working plates, it is a good choice for clothing customization manufacturer.


Heat Press Style:Pneumatic
Motion Available: Auto open
Heat Platen Size: 40x60cm
Voltage: 110V or 220V
Power: 2000-2400W

Controller: Screen-touch LCD Panel
Max. Temperature: 450°F/232°C
Machine Dimensions: 95 x 82 x 55cm
Machine Weight: 110kg
Shipping Dimensions: 107x 94x 67cm
Shipping Weight: 120kg

CE/RoHS compliant
1 Year entire warranty
Lifetime technical support