60x80cm Auto-open Manual Heat Press W/Slide Base

large format heat press


The gas shock counter springs provide a weightless and effortless operation of the press. The state-of-the art control system accurately regulates all aspects of the electrical functions of the press, freeing the operator for the main goal of material imprinting.


Additional features

auto open heat press

Semi Auto-open Gently

This heat press is over-center-pressure adjustment model, also it carries a magnetic auto-release function, means the heat press will be releasing the heat platen automatically when timing is finished which save labor and works more efficient.

pull out drawer heat press

Pull-out Drawer, Caddie Stand

This EasyTrans Industrial Mate is entry-level heat press, which is installed with a smooth pull-out drawer enables you have sufficient heat-free zone and load your garment easily. Besides, it’s available in either as a tabletop or with caddie stand model.

heat press


This heat press is also equipped with advanced LCD controller IT900 series, super precise in Temp control and read-out, also super precise timing countdowns like an clock. The controller also featured with Max. 120mins stand-by function (P-4 mode) make it energy saving and safety.

large format heat press

Even Pessure Large Format

This XINHONG is large format heat press with even pressure, the available sizes are 60 x 80cm and 80 x 100cm. It's applicable for Textiles, Chromaluxe, Sublimation Ceramic Tiles, MDF Boards, etc.

large format heat press hp680 5

CE/UL Certidied Spare Parts

spare parts used on XINHONG heat presses are either CE or UL certified, which ensure heat press remain stable working condition and lower fail rate.

heat press

Heating Platen

Gravity die casting technology made thicker heating platen, helps to keep heating element stay stable when heat makes it expand and cold makes it contract,also called even pressure and heat distribution guaranteed.


Heat Press Style: Manual
Motion Available: Auto-open/ Slide-out Drawer
Heat Platen Size: 60 x 80cm, 80 x 100cm
Voltage: 220V/ 380V
Power: 4000-8000W

Controller: LCD Controller Panel
Max. Temperature: 450°F/232°C
Timer Range: 999 Sec.
Machine Dimensions: 102 x 83 x 57cm (60 x 80cm)
Machine Weight: 96kg
Shipping Dimensions: 115 x 95 x 70cm (60 x 80cm)
Shipping Weight: 138kg

CE/RoHS compliant
1 Year entire warranty
Lifetime technical support