8 Ton Hydraulic Rosin Press Machine with Dual 3×5 Inches Heated Plates

rosin press


· 3×5″ Anodized Heated Platens – Well suited to squeeze 7-10g materials; easy to clean and the best flavor for vaping.

· Heat Insulation Performance – Low heat transfer bamboo insulator guarantees quick heating-up and protects the bottle jack from overheating.

· Excellent Insulation Effect –  Reduce heat transfer by a dual wood insulator for quick heating.

· Artcraft Durable Amount –  Made of anodized 6061 aluminum and 4-piece stainless steel chrome rods.

· Replaceable Jack and Controller – The bottle jack and LCD temp controller allow replacing easily by end-user, so as to get a long service life.

Precaution for use:

It is not recommended to modify the default setting of the PID controller to cause inaccurate temp delivered.

Do not press similar metal materials to damage the heating plate.

Additional features

rosin press

3x5" Heat Plates

Dual 3x5" heating plates easily handle 3.5-10 grams of materials.

rosin press

Replaceable Bottle Jack

Easily replace the bottle jack after the original one doesn't work well.

rosin press

Pluggable LCD Controller

It is very easy to replace original PID temp controller for repair.


Heat Press Style: Hydraulic and Manual
Platen Type: Die Casting Aluminum Heating Element
Heat Platen Size: 7.5x12.5cm
Voltage: 110V or 220V
Power: 1800-2000W

Controller: LCD Control Panel
Max. Temperature: 450°F/232°C
Timer Range: 999 Sec.
Machine Dimensions: 36x22x55cm
Machine Weight:26kg
Shipping Dimensions: /
Shipping Weight: /

CE/RoHS compliant
1 Year entire warranty
Lifetime technical support