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This is a EasyTrans Deluxe Level heat press is featured with electronic motor, which can generate Max. 360kg down force and accept Max. 4.5cm thick items. This heat press is 1st choice for professional users those who are applying premium transfers like no cutting laser transfer paper.


This EasyTrans Deluxe level heat press has twin lower plates and could be semi-auto or fully automatic in a single switch. This electric heat pres is featured with a HMI/ PLC guage, so user could control its shuttle moving speed, also able to have a trouble shooting when it’s necessary.

Additional features

heat press

Triple Thermal Production

Two thermal protection decices connect separately with live wire and Neutral Wire, the third protection is heating plate with temperature protector which prevent abnormal temperature rise.

heat press

Thread-able & Interchangeable Base

This EasyTrans Press is installed with a featured base: 1. Quick changeable system enables you to change the different accessory platen in few seconds. 2. The thread-able base enables you to load or rotate the garment over the lower platen.

 heat press

Advanced LCD Controller

This heat press is also equipped with advanced LCD controller AT700 series, super precise in Temp control and read-out. User could set the applying pressure by controller setting (P-4 mode). The controller is also featured with Max. 120mins stand-by function (P-5 mode) make it energy saving and safety.

heat press

Protective Cap

Protective Cap is safer and anti-scalding.

 heat press

Pop-out Controller

A pop-up controller makes instrument replacement easier.

16x20 heat press

16X20 Heat Platen

There is enough size to print all kinds of products.

double station electric heat press

Double Station

The electric dual station heat press transitions from platen to platen, allowing you to thread and remove garments quickly and easily.

heat press

Four Support Springs

Ensure balanced pressure ditribution

double station electric heat press

User Safe Two-hand Operation


Heat Press Style: Electric
Motion Available: Swing-away/ Auto-open
Heat Platen Size: 40x50cm
Voltage: 110V or 220V
Power: 1800-2200W

Controller: Screen-touch LCD Panel
Max. Temperature: 450°F/232°C
Timer Range: 999 Sec.
Machine Dimensions: 94.7 x 72.5 x 71.7cm
Machine Weight: 125kg
Shipping Dimensions: 110 x 83 x 87cm
Shipping Weight: 140kg

CE/RoHS compliant
1 Year entire warranty
Lifetime technical support

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