Professional China Mini Sublimation Machine - A4 Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper 210 x 297mm for Polyester, Sublimation Mugs – Xinhong

Sublimation Paper 8.5x11 Inch detail 5
Sublimation Paper 8.5x11 Inch detail 5
Sublimation Paper 8.5x11 Inch detail 5
Sublimation Paper 8.5x11 Inch detail 5
Sublimation Paper 8.5x11 Inch detail 5

Things you should notice before use
1. Colors after printing may look dull. But the colors after sublimation will look much more vivid. Please finish sublimation and see the color result before change any setting.
2. Please Avoid storing in high temperature, heavy wet and direct sunlight.
3. They are only for light colored or white polyester fabrics and polyester coated items. Hard objects must be coated.
4. Its' a good idea to use an absorbent cloth or a non textured paper towel behind your transfer to absorb excess moisture.
5. Each heat press, batch of ink and substrate will react a little differently. Printer setting, paper, ink, transfer time and temperature, substrate all play a role in the color output. Trial and error is KEY.
6. Blowouts are generally caused by uneven heating, excessive pressure or overheating. To avoid this issue, use a Teflon pad to cover your transfer and lessen the variations in temperature.
7. No ICC setting, Paper: high quality plain paper. Quality: high quality. Then click on "more options" tab. Select CUSTOM for color correction then click ADVANCED and choose ADOBE RGB for color management. 2.2 Gamma.
8. If you haven't used these sheets before, we would suggest a practice on some scrap fabric before committing to your best t-shirt.

Detail Introduction
● INSTANT DRY & HIGH TRANSFER RATE: Sublimation paper 8.5x11 comes out of the printer completely dry, you don't have to wait for the paper to dry. Over 98% Ultra High transfer rate, maintaining true color and precision plus greater ink saving.
● NO GEAR PRINTS & SMOOTH PRINTING: 120gsm sublimation paper gives good elasticity. The thicker design ensures that the paper will not roll and maintain a good flatness, bringing you a pleasant printing experience.【Note: The white side is the printing side, the pink side is the back side】
● EASY TO USE: [1] Print the image using an inkjet printer with sublimation ink, and check the "Mirro Image" setting. [2] Adjust the recommended heat press setting, put the sublimation blanks on the heat press machine. [3] After heating is finished, peel the transfer paper. The transfer has been done! In just a few minutes you can realize an idea of your own.
● WIDE APPLICABILITY & UNIQUE GIFT: With sublimation paper you can transfer text, images onto light-colored fabrics with ≤ 30% cotton or polyester, mugs, tumblers, phone case, puzzle, mouse pad, ceramic plate, bag, cup, etc. Make unique DIY gifts to your friends or family on Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, or Wedding Day.
● PACKAGE CONTENTS & WARM TIPS: The package contains 110 sheets of 120g sublimation paper 8.5x11, with instructions for use on the back of the package. Use this paper with sublimation ink and sublimation blanks only. Works well with E, Sawgrass, Ricoh, and other sublimation printers, excellent for use with sublimation ink.